Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1842nd Mickael Pointier Norway flag 63
1842nd Fangor Sweden flag 63
1842nd kacperas Poland flag 63
1842nd leon101 n/a 63
1842nd lord of daedra n/a 63
1842nd Charles Beauchemin Canada flag 63
1842nd mister feces n/a 63
1842nd AndrĂ¡s Gregorik Hungary flag 63
1842nd David Ledgard United Kingdom flag 63
1860th luciphercolors n/a 62
1860th SithlordDK Germany flag 62
1860th Nick Frampton Australia flag 62
1860th jwiechers Germany flag 62
1860th Calpis United States flag 62
1860th Milkshaker n/a 62
1860th earthpet n/a 62
1860th pitr maddison n/a 62
1860th Diamond Titan n/a 62
1860th Oliver Barder United Kingdom flag 62
1860th T13r Russia flag 62
1860th Derek Manning United States flag 62
1860th Luchian Deurell n/a 62
1860th james johnson n/a 62
1860th fathom n/a 62
1860th André Johansen n/a 62
1860th Matthew Upson n/a 62
1860th scarabaeus n/a 62
1878th Chang You Wong n/a 61
1878th SamandMax n/a 61
1878th James Burford n/a 61
1878th Nathaniel Guy n/a 61
1878th Drew Dorton n/a 61
1878th OnlyBlue Sweden flag 61
1878th Chaz Ashley Germany flag 61
1878th Artem Morozov n/a 61
1878th Peeta Clarke n/a 61
1878th Derk Boer n/a 61
1878th Rob Fini United States flag 61
1878th Kristie Lauborough n/a 61
1878th Jeffrey Graw n/a 61
1878th Robson Waterkemper n/a 61
1878th Mike DeSanctis n/a 61
1878th mark77 n/a 61
1878th Mike Jacob n/a 61
1878th Iris-chan n/a 61
1896th Zsolt Pardi United Kingdom flag 60
1896th Gravel Robin n/a 60
1896th daltiz Japan flag 60
1896th Goud n/a 60
1896th Blast Vortex n/a 60