Less than 200 arcade games needed to reach our current MobyGoal of 1,500 documented arcade titles!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2042nd AndyHauptmann n/a 53
2042nd Manfred O Austria flag 53
2042nd qtulu Serbia flag 53
2042nd Stsung Mexico flag 53
2042nd DrJones The Netherlands flag 53
2042nd HarroSIN n/a 53
2042nd Vitaly Tomachevski n/a 53
2042nd Joseph Hewitt United States flag 53
2042nd Fred Rhoads n/a 53
2042nd Robert Swan United Kingdom flag 53
2042nd Danny Grein Brazil flag 53
2042nd Zach Zwart n/a 53
2042nd Ivan Velez n/a 53
2042nd Raywoman United States flag 53
2042nd Dr.Bedlam n/a 53
2042nd Alex McCarthy n/a 53
2042nd Simon Strange n/a 53
2042nd asd asdasdsd n/a 53
2042nd Matt Kimmel United States flag 53
2042nd Jim Newland n/a 53
2071st Chavez666 n/a 52
2071st Karl Kuras n/a 52
2071st Johan Kohler n/a 52
2071st Gustavo Henrique dos Santos Brazil flag 52
2071st 00AgentHomer n/a 52
2071st coder n/a 52
2071st Elaine Green n/a 52
2071st Anatole n/a 52
2071st LordRM United States flag 52
2071st kegmasterc United States flag 52
2071st gorf n/a 52
2071st Melissa Fuss n/a 52
2071st n-n n/a 52
2071st Janeil Harricharan n/a 52
2071st PolB n/a 52
2071st Martin Schmidt Slovakia flag 52
2071st DrV n/a 52
2071st Johan J├Ânsson Sweden flag 52
2071st TheSmashingPenguin France flag 52
2071st Terminal Reality n/a 52
2071st Pat Toulouse Canada flag 52
2071st Wendy Wallace n/a 52
2071st Maphis n/a 52
2071st dipts n/a 52
2071st Jordi Vilalta Spain flag 52
2071st Daniel Loane n/a 52
2071st Codigitty United States flag 52
2071st Au Yeung Tin Chun n/a 52
2071st Frank Discussion n/a 52
2071st Vincent Descubes n/a 52