The adventure game classic Grim Fandango has been remastered! It's now available on GOG, DRM-free.

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2031st whoisbma n/a 55
2031st itemzero n/a 55
2031st Gassey Australia flag 55
2031st Ryan McAndrews n/a 55
2031st The Bent Kangaroo n/a 55
2031st Quiet_Riot Croatia flag 55
2031st RazzyDee United States flag 55
2031st molokaicreeper United States flag 55
2031st Jacques Guy n/a 55
2031st M N n/a 55
2031st Hans ten Cate n/a 55
2062nd mrpretzel n/a 54
2062nd Stijn Daneels Belgium flag 54
2062nd Joerg Friedrich n/a 54
2062nd Ted DiNola n/a 54
2062nd c64fan n/a 54
2062nd Calculin Calculin n/a 54
2062nd STiGMaTa_ch n/a 54
2062nd Mike Kasprzak n/a 54
2062nd DOS Games Archive n/a 54
2062nd vidiot Belgium flag 54
2062nd Mario Galaxy Estonia flag 54
2062nd Nikolaus Gebhardt n/a 54
2062nd Jornand de Buisonjé n/a 54
2062nd Nick Smolney n/a 54
2062nd Aaron Isaksen n/a 54
2062nd Timo Takalo Finland flag 54
2062nd Bill Cook United States flag 54
2062nd Weston Wedding United States flag 54
2062nd Coppersmith n/a 54
2062nd Steven Don n/a 54
2062nd Chris Longpre United States flag 54
2062nd worldwideweird Germany flag 54
2062nd Ingvar Kamprand n/a 54
2062nd Danny Grein Brazil flag 54
2062nd Haoie New Zealand flag 54
2062nd Aasyranth United States flag 54
2062nd moochocoogle United Kingdom flag 54
2089th HarroSIN n/a 53
2089th AndyHauptmann n/a 53
2089th Robert Swan United Kingdom flag 53
2089th Micah Wright n/a 53
2089th Zach Zwart n/a 53
2089th Chris Mintzias United States flag 53
2089th Ivan Velez n/a 53
2089th eobet Sweden flag 53
2089th Jim Newland n/a 53
2089th Adrian Crook n/a 53
2089th Matthew Hickman United States flag 53
2089th Josh Sheely n/a 53