Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2042nd Josh Sheely n/a 53
2042nd Manfred O Austria flag 53
2042nd Chris Mintzias United States flag 53
2042nd Joseph Hewitt United States flag 53
2042nd Adrian Crook n/a 53
2042nd Zach Zwart n/a 53
2042nd Robert Swan United Kingdom flag 53
2042nd Fred Rhoads n/a 53
2042nd AndyHauptmann n/a 53
2042nd Rick Stirling n/a 53
2042nd Simon Strange n/a 53
2042nd Micah Wright n/a 53
2042nd Ivan Velez n/a 53
2042nd Alex L n/a 53
2042nd DrJones The Netherlands flag 53
2042nd HarroSIN n/a 53
2042nd Stsung Mexico flag 53
2042nd Matt Kimmel United States flag 53
2042nd asd asdasdsd n/a 53
2070th Au Yeung Tin Chun n/a 52
2070th Danny Grein Brazil flag 52
2070th kegmasterc United States flag 52
2070th Elaine Green n/a 52
2070th PolB n/a 52
2070th Terminal Reality n/a 52
2070th Jordi Vilalta Spain flag 52
2070th Codigitty United States flag 52
2070th spud42 n/a 52
2070th DrV n/a 52
2070th n-n n/a 52
2070th 00AgentHomer n/a 52
2070th LordRM United States flag 52
2070th Karl Kuras n/a 52
2070th Anatole n/a 52
2070th Johan J├Ânsson Sweden flag 52
2070th Dexter82 Germany flag 52
2070th Melissa Fuss n/a 52
2070th Martin Schmidt Slovakia flag 52
2070th dipts n/a 52
2070th Daniel Loane n/a 52
2070th coder n/a 52
2070th Pat Toulouse Canada flag 52
2070th Frank Discussion n/a 52
2070th Wendy Wallace n/a 52
2070th shifter The Netherlands flag 52
2070th TheSmashingPenguin France flag 52
2070th Maphis n/a 52
2070th gorf n/a 52
2070th Gustavo Henrique dos Santos Brazil flag 52
2070th Janeil Harricharan n/a 52