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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2076th Quiet_Riot Croatia flag 55
2076th itemzero n/a 55
2076th manar ama n/a 55
2076th Ash_1 n/a 55
2076th Hans ten Cate n/a 55
2076th Rob McConnell Canada flag 55
2107th Timo Takalo Finland flag 54
2107th Nikolaus Gebhardt n/a 54
2107th Danny Grein Brazil flag 54
2107th Chris Longpre United States flag 54
2107th c64fan n/a 54
2107th Ingvar Kamprand n/a 54
2107th mrpretzel n/a 54
2107th Nick Smolney n/a 54
2107th Coppersmith n/a 54
2107th Joerg Friedrich n/a 54
2107th vidiot Belgium flag 54
2107th moochocoogle United Kingdom flag 54
2107th worldwideweird Germany flag 54
2107th DOS Games Archive The Netherlands flag 54
2107th Haoie New Zealand flag 54
2107th Jornand de Buisonjé n/a 54
2107th STiGMaTa_ch n/a 54
2107th Ted DiNola n/a 54
2107th Weston Wedding United States flag 54
2107th Aaron Isaksen n/a 54
2107th Aasyranth United States flag 54
2107th Bill Cook United States flag 54
2107th Mario Galaxy Estonia flag 54
2107th Mike Kasprzak n/a 54
2107th Steven Don n/a 54
2132nd Matthew Hickman United States flag 53
2132nd AndyHauptmann n/a 53
2132nd Chris Mintzias United States flag 53
2132nd Rick Stirling n/a 53
2132nd HarroSIN n/a 53
2132nd Ivan Velez n/a 53
2132nd Manfred O Austria flag 53
2132nd Micah Wright n/a 53
2132nd Stsung United States flag 53
2132nd Dr.Bedlam n/a 53
2132nd eobet Sweden flag 53
2132nd Josh Sheely n/a 53
2132nd Vitaly Tomachevski n/a 53
2132nd Simon Strange n/a 53
2132nd Raywoman United States flag 53
2132nd Adrian Crook n/a 53
2132nd qtulu Serbia flag 53
2132nd Zach Zwart n/a 53
2132nd Jim Newland n/a 53