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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2087th c64fan n/a 54
2087th Aaron Isaksen n/a 54
2087th Chris Longpre United States flag 54
2087th Nikolaus Gebhardt n/a 54
2087th Coppersmith n/a 54
2087th Ted DiNola n/a 54
2087th vidiot Belgium flag 54
2087th Aasyranth United States flag 54
2087th mrpretzel n/a 54
2087th Steven Don n/a 54
2087th Ingvar Kamprand n/a 54
2112th Ivan Velez n/a 53
2112th Adrian Crook n/a 53
2112th Matt Kimmel United States flag 53
2112th Simon Strange n/a 53
2112th Dr.Bedlam n/a 53
2112th eobet Sweden flag 53
2112th AndyHauptmann n/a 53
2112th Matthew Hickman United States flag 53
2112th Alex McCarthy n/a 53
2112th DrJones The Netherlands flag 53
2112th Zach Zwart n/a 53
2112th Sunbeam n/a 53
2112th qtulu Serbia flag 53
2112th Raywoman United States flag 53
2112th Rick Stirling n/a 53
2112th Jim Newland n/a 53
2112th Chris Mintzias United States flag 53
2112th Robert Swan United Kingdom flag 53
2112th asd asdasdsd n/a 53
2112th HarroSIN n/a 53
2112th Manfred O Austria flag 53
2112th Stsung United States flag 53
2112th Fred Rhoads n/a 53
2112th Johan J├Ânsson Sweden flag 53
2112th Josh Sheely n/a 53
2112th Vitaly Tomachevski n/a 53
2112th Micah Wright n/a 53
2139th Dexter82 Germany flag 52
2139th shifter The Netherlands flag 52
2139th Daniel Loane n/a 52
2139th Pat Toulouse Canada flag 52
2139th Chavez666 n/a 52
2139th Anatole n/a 52
2139th Vincent Descubes n/a 52
2139th Wendy Wallace n/a 52
2139th 00AgentHomer n/a 52
2139th PolB n/a 52
2139th gorf n/a 52
2139th Karl Kuras n/a 52