Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2127th Azif Kylander n/a 50
2152nd marquisor Germany flag 49
2152nd Nathan Kovner n/a 49
2152nd dusoft United States flag 49
2152nd Matt Richenburg United States flag 49
2152nd Suicide Squad n/a 49
2152nd Robin Clarke n/a 49
2152nd Big C n/a 49
2152nd Steven Hoffman n/a 49
2152nd HandofShadow United States flag 49
2152nd Zeal GS n/a 49
2152nd Ignacio Liverotti n/a 49
2152nd Dario Lanzetti Italy flag 49
2152nd griffon n/a 49
2152nd Björn Baranski Germany flag 49
2152nd Vyne Gaarr n/a 49
2152nd jason windell n/a 49
2152nd Paul Matthys n/a 49
2152nd Mr Green Germany flag 49
2152nd Lister n/a 49
2152nd Pedro Leite Brazil flag 49
2152nd Angus JL Beer United Kingdom flag 49
2152nd Gordon Luk n/a 49
2152nd bkaradzic n/a 49
2152nd UltimateCarl United States flag 49
2152nd Matt Burke n/a 49
2152nd Mike Henry n/a 49
2152nd Kevbo32 n/a 49
2179th Steven Goodwin n/a 48
2179th Lee Fastenau United States flag 48
2179th Audacon n/a 48
2179th David Mackenzie n/a 48
2179th Angelo Theodorou Italy flag 48
2179th Paulie68000 United Kingdom flag 48
2179th cimerians n/a 48
2179th Teddy Diefenbach n/a 48
2179th ex_navynuke! n/a 48
2179th René Lange n/a 48
2179th Danny Koo United States flag 48
2179th john balisto n/a 48
2179th Leonard Robel n/a 48
2179th nakinyko Philippines flag 48
2179th Juan Pablo Bouquet n/a 48
2179th Ferragus n/a 48
2179th Markus Tuppurainen n/a 48
2179th A R n/a 48
2179th James Gallagher n/a 48
2179th bakubaku n/a 48
2179th Naoko Takamoto n/a 48
2179th Brandon Roa United States flag 48