Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2232nd Matt Godbolt United Kingdom flag 46
2232nd Fredrik NOD n/a 46
2232nd sonicteamUSA United States flag 46
2232nd Ian Cox n/a 46
2232nd jajg n/a 46
2232nd Ellen Lin United States flag 46
2232nd Unknown Name n/a 46
2232nd Fredric Echols n/a 46
2232nd Nick Heikkila n/a 46
2232nd SebastianLi n/a 46
2232nd Etienne H├ębert n/a 46
2232nd DreamWeaver Poland flag 46
2263rd Slawomir Niewitecki n/a 45
2263rd Dakkiller n/a 45
2263rd BouncyTigger n/a 45
2263rd Sebastian Cardoso Germany flag 45
2263rd ABGamer India flag 45
2263rd Don Faunt n/a 45
2263rd agouibo Estonia flag 45
2263rd Prime Blue n/a 45
2263rd Seer n/a 45
2263rd Arvin Chandra n/a 45
2263rd Tero Kuparinen n/a 45
2263rd John Toebes n/a 45
2263rd zeta thompson n/a 45
2263rd Mike Davison n/a 45
2263rd mau arna n/a 45
2263rd Feem n/a 45
2263rd Damon Slye n/a 45
2263rd gecimen n/a 45
2263rd Skydive n/a 45
2263rd ZombieDepot n/a 45
2263rd Colin Rowsell n/a 45
2263rd Robbie Cargill United Kingdom flag 45
2263rd ted lapidus n/a 45
2263rd imrahill France flag 45
2263rd Tomthesecond Germany flag 45
2263rd Sturmmann United States flag 45
2263rd davesade Czech Republic flag 45
2263rd William Muir n/a 45
2263rd Courtland Funke n/a 45
2263rd Kevin Otto n/a 45
2293rd SpikeNexus n/a 44
2293rd nordo steam n/a 44
2293rd CaKeMan n/a 44
2293rd Allen Sanderlin n/a 44
2293rd Veritas n/a 44
2293rd Brett Brocato n/a 44
2293rd possinboots New Zealand flag 44
2293rd Polygeek n/a 44