Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2586th SuperStache n/a 35
2586th Billth Davies n/a 35
2586th ikarus15 Canada flag 35
2586th FnordPerfect Germany flag 35
2586th Hazuki Germany flag 35
2586th IcePirate United States flag 35
2586th Midee n/a 35
2586th Andy80 n/a 35
2586th Jake Sones n/a 35
2586th XeNo n/a 35
2586th Jon Grande n/a 35
2586th Gregory Daniels n/a 35
2586th Tallquasimodo n/a 35
2586th Brian Shingles n/a 35
2586th Simon Pilgrim n/a 35
2586th MeatGortex n/a 35
2586th TheCabal Germany flag 35
2586th Aythem Canada flag 35
2586th Geoff Johns n/a 35
2586th Dan Gould United Kingdom flag 35
2586th Benny Kayser n/a 35
2586th hssk Russia flag 35
2586th Doodles n/a 35
2586th Stephan Wolschon United Kingdom flag 35
2586th SunDog n/a 35
2626th Mad Dog Fargo n/a 34
2626th Victor Wachter n/a 34
2626th Maciej Sawitus n/a 34
2626th r0bb3ry Bulgaria flag 34
2626th Rebel_lord n/a 34
2626th Shagittarius n/a 34
2626th RingOFire n/a 34
2626th The Red King n/a 34
2626th Stephen Ash n/a 34
2626th kvasir United States flag 34
2626th Alex Shatsky n/a 34
2626th Andrew Gillett n/a 34
2626th kametyken n/a 34
2626th Michele del PRETE Italy flag 34
2626th Oli Norwell n/a 34
2626th Edmard Schooner n/a 34
2626th steve norris n/a 34
2626th Filip Frackiewicz n/a 34
2626th David McKayne n/a 34
2626th Kain Ceverus United States flag 34
2626th Gabriel ware France flag 34
2626th STING007 n/a 34
2626th David Pittman United States flag 34
2626th AustraliaCredits n/a 34
2626th Dirk Ringe n/a 34