Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
401st Madotsuki United States flag 736
402nd T a z n/a 735
403rd L. Curtis Boyle Canada flag 734
404th Scott G n/a 731
405th Gene Davison n/a 730
406th Arejarn United Kingdom flag 726
407th Casualty Mexico flag 725
408th Falconetti n/a 721
409th Kadath Bird United States flag 712
410th jsparky The Netherlands flag 708
411th Masakari n/a 707
412th Brandon Cobb United States flag 703
412th darkpilot Ukraine flag 703
414th Adzuken Canada flag 702
415th Lady T-Dawg Israel flag 701
416th Brolin Empey Canada flag 700
417th evilknievel United States flag 698
417th Ryan Prendiville n/a 698
419th roushimsx n/a 696
420th Litude Finland flag 694
421st samsam12 United States flag 691
422nd Isdaron Germany flag 681
422nd Cabeza2000 Israel flag 681
424th C V n/a 679
425th Der.Archivar Austria flag 673
426th lobo rojo Spain flag 668
427th Ingsoc Israel flag 659
428th Majestic Lizard n/a 655
429th The Ring Hawk Canada flag 654
429th Pyrple United States flag 654
431st Grov n/a 646
432nd Lee Seitz United States flag 645
432nd Knyght United Kingdom flag 645
434th Carl-Henrik United States flag 642
435th Asahi Kirin n/a 641
436th Jeremy Johnson n/a 638
437th Bet n/a 634
438th Krzysztof Poland flag 632
439th haynor666 Poland flag 629
440th Kalirion n/a 626
441st benito255 Australia flag 624
442nd «» Other flag 623
443rd Cravo Portugal flag 620
443rd b081 Bulgaria flag 620
445th Señorita Kathryn United States flag 618
446th lethal_guitar Germany flag 617
447th subjugator Macau flag 616
447th Daywalker n/a 616
449th HenriH Finland flag 613
450th Mullet of Death United States flag 604