User review spotlight: Carmageddon (DOS). Released in 1997.

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
650th Estranged Bulgaria flag 315
650th andynick United Kingdom flag 315
653rd te_lanus South Africa flag 314
654th Alrightya n/a 312
654th NeonFor Poland flag 312
654th Chris Lesinky Canada flag 312
654th danchoe United States flag 312
658th deepone Poland flag 311
658th Dima n/a 311
660th Eknight01 United States flag 310
661st skeetmon n/a 309
661st ShadowShrike n/a 309
661st lechuck13 n/a 309
661st Marco Willemsen The Netherlands flag 309
665th Goteki45 The Netherlands flag 308
666th LeChimp n/a 304
667th Erwin Bergervoet n/a 302
667th Tobias Küper Germany flag 302
667th Politically Corrupt n/a 302
670th Herzalot . n/a 301
670th Warlock n/a 301
672nd Riley Beckham n/a 300
672nd oct n/a 300
672nd jsbrigo Italy flag 300
675th Famine3h n/a 298
676th Dalroi n/a 297
677th Mad_Griffith Italy flag 296
677th ReviewGames.Com n/a 296
677th Old man gamer n/a 296
680th hello kitty n/a 295
681st Dwango n/a 292
682nd Ryan Trondsen United States flag 291
683rd Bob the Stickman United States flag 290
683rd TarquinnFF3 n/a 290
683rd Christos Triantafyllou n/a 290
683rd Jeremy Petho Australia flag 290
683rd FloodSpectre United States flag 290
688th 594rk United States flag 289
689th wanax n/a 288
690th klf9j3skld United States flag 287
690th 1gnition Israel flag 287
692nd Mike Hanson n/a 286
693rd Hungary flag 285
693rd Michael Dionne n/a 285
693rd Andreas Vilén Sweden flag 285
696th Jerrys Kids n/a 283
697th re_fold n/a 282
697th leilei n/a 282
697th Egon Friedell n/a 282
700th powerstone05 United States flag 281