Less than 150 games needed to reach our MobyGoal of 1,500 documented arcade titles!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
899th Pye United States flag 182
899th IanSonOfRoger n/a 182
903rd Jens Andersson Sweden flag 181
903rd Dr Necessiter n/a 181
905th Christophe Kohler France flag 180
905th kvn8907 United States flag 180
905th *.* n/a 180
905th ElevatorAction France flag 180
905th GameFan n/a 180
910th ~~ Other flag 179
910th Buuks n/a 179
910th paul_t n/a 179
910th Unrealist n/a 179
910th clint basinger United States flag 179
915th PatMan785 n/a 178
915th Andrew Fisher United Kingdom flag 178
915th partykiller Germany flag 178
915th Captain n/a 178
915th Roland Kippenhan n/a 178
915th MediaCult Denmark flag 178
915th Arthur Dent n/a 178
915th ThE oNe n/a 178
915th keth n/a 178
915th DigitalMax Canada flag 178
915th Ian P. n/a 178
926th lewuz n/a 177
926th RIP MobyGames n/a 177
928th Technocrat n/a 176
928th Joe Ix n/a 176
928th Tom Hell Sweden flag 176
928th Leah Emery n/a 176
932nd Robstein United States flag 175
932nd El_Freako n/a 175
932nd Nick Heilmann United States flag 175
932nd Sycada n/a 175
932nd Alen Lapidis n/a 175
937th Wertzui Hungary flag 174
937th Hong Sik Jeon South Korea flag 174
937th Simon Hurley United States flag 174
937th Tom Weber Germany flag 174
941st Fragasnap United States flag 173
941st VGM Maniac n/a 173
941st zemonn United States flag 173
941st Ryan Armstrong Canada flag 173
945th Marc Oberhäuser n/a 172
945th Wylaryzel n/a 172
947th Koroner Italy flag 171
947th Meredith Lobel-Angel n/a 171
947th Peter Bridger United Kingdom flag 171
950th viritys Finland flag 170