Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
950th gametrader n/a 233
952nd plasticgun n/a 232
952nd Gamera Australia flag 232
952nd D Michael United States flag 232
955th jaket n/a 231
955th Michael Dorgan United States flag 231
957th Thomas T United States flag 230
957th Crystal Shard n/a 230
957th Łukasz Rębisz n/a 230
960th Aaron Walz n/a 229
960th Andrew Grasmeder n/a 229
962nd elron n/a 228
962nd GameFan n/a 228
962nd JenG n/a 228
962nd Ronica Italy flag 228
962nd ehushagen Canada flag 228
967th RetroArchives.fr France flag 227
967th indy king n/a 227
967th Outsider n/a 227
970th Ghost Pirate n/a 226
970th Ripperian Argentina flag 226
970th [Durden] Canada flag 226
970th Arsh Deep India flag 226
974th Timo W. Germany flag 225
974th Tao_ France flag 225
974th Retron n/a 225
974th p-kun United States flag 225
978th Peter Hammerskjold n/a 224
978th Tim Scott United Kingdom flag 224
980th Assassin87 The Netherlands flag 223
980th Kyle Palkowski n/a 223
980th Matt Dabrowski n/a 223
980th Cadorna n/a 223
984th CBMan n/a 222
984th timebender United States flag 222
984th Tbyte Hungary flag 222
987th NovedSelim United Kingdom flag 221
987th Rice2 n/a 221
987th Shabba DaHutt n/a 221
987th road United States flag 221
991st Joshua Fairhurst n/a 220
992nd Darksaviour69 n/a 219
992nd R4F43L n/a 219
994th Matthias Günl n/a 218
994th MA17 United States flag 218
994th Luiz Fernando n/a 218
994th Rensch The Netherlands flag 218
998th Gary Vandegrift United States flag 217
998th herosinger United States flag 217
1000th CubbyKatz United States flag 216