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The Astronomy Quiz"A quiz game that is great for anyone, even if you are not a fan of astronomy"*Katakis* (38319)Jan 24, 2017
Cel Damage"Toon in, drop out"Tony Denis (158)Feb 12, 2017
The Computer Quiz"Another quiz-based game, this time about computers"*Katakis* (38319)Feb 09, 2017
Dark Side"JOIN THE DARK SIDE!"Westwurtzly (775)Feb 13, 2017
Driftmoon"Charming, but sadly marred by Christian proselytism"Cavalary (7812)Jan 28, 2017
Far Cry 3"My summer game!"Pagen HD (108)Feb 04, 2017
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent"GoldenEdge: Rogue Edge...ent "Tony Denis (158)Feb 05, 2017
Hammerwatch"The modern day Gauntlet"*Katakis* (38319)Jan 20, 2017
...Iru!"Horrifying Nightmare Creature finds Japanese high school students delicious."ModernZorker (36)Jul 06, 2016
Metal Dead"Traditional adventure game with some crude but funny aussie humour."linibot (74)Jan 22, 2017
Mixed-Up Mother Goose"Not the prettiest version, but its a wonderful early DOS game for young kids."Joe Nuzzo (6)Jan 12, 2017
The New Adventures of the Time Machine"A flawed game, but can be enjoyable"Przemysław Kochański (5)Feb 07, 2017
Roberta Williams' King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride"What the Disney?"*Katakis* (38319)Jan 18, 2017
Shout About Music 2""Shout About Music" has variety and fun!"Nick Bee (7)Feb 01, 2017
SimCity 2000"City-building for the Macintosh at its finest!"Katie Cadet (3479)Jan 21, 2017
Skramble!"It's Skramble with an exclamation mark"*Katakis* (38319)Feb 01, 2017
Sonic the Hedgehog"I feel the need... the need for speed"*Katakis* (38319)Nov 30, 2012
Tharsis"Luck-based board game for people with no control issues."linibot (74)Jan 22, 2017
Traxx"I'm gonna paint the maze red"*Katakis* (38319)Feb 09, 2017