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Zeliard"Get into Zeliard --- because you can"*Katakis* (37493)Apr 14, 2014
Wirehead"a decent effort"ETJB (394)Apr 01, 2014
Uninvited"Old school survival horror"ETJB (394)Apr 01, 2014
Ultra Vortek"Ok fighting game, with bad control mechanics."ETJB (394)Apr 02, 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time"Awesome 16-bit Turtle Power!"ETJB (394)Apr 01, 2014
Streets of Rage 2"Kick-Ass Brawler"ETJB (394)Apr 02, 2014
Star Trek: The Next Generation - "A Final Unity""If Guybrush Threepwood Had Served On The Enterprise...."ETJB (394)Apr 07, 2014
The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare"Gamers Nightmare"ETJB (394)Apr 01, 2014
Silverload"Both really good and really bad..."ETJB (394)Apr 02, 2014
Shivers"Shivers down your spine"ETJB (394)Apr 01, 2014
Return to Krondor"Too much has changed during my absence"Oleg Roschin (164804)Apr 08, 2014
Resident Evil 2"Bigger! Longer! Scarier! Uncut!"ETJB (394)Apr 10, 2014
Resident Evil"Ouch! When I said, "bite me", I did not mean it literally!"ETJB (394)Apr 10, 2014
Realms of Arkania III: Shadows over Riva"One of the best RPGs ever made - a spiritual successor to Betrayal at Krondor"Alex Z (585)Mar 30, 2014
Mortal Kombat"A watered-down Genesis clone of MK "Kadeem Gomez (35)Apr 07, 2014
Magic Meanies"The game that lets Speccy users get a taste of two games in one"*Katakis* (37493)Apr 09, 2014
Donkey Kong Country Returns"Yes, you will die a lot. But you probably won't care."Pagen HD (77)Apr 06, 2014
Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!"Film Noir, 8-bit style"ETJB (394)Apr 01, 2014
Card Sharks"Fun card game"twitek (8)Apr 03, 2014
Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time"Just entertaining"D H (16)Apr 11, 2014
Brain Dead 13"Dragon's Lair for the 1990s...sorta"ETJB (394)Apr 02, 2014
Betrayal in Antara"Don't betray this game"Oleg Roschin (164804)Apr 04, 2014
Barmy Burgers"Faithful to the original arcade game, minus the sound effects"*Katakis* (37493)Apr 01, 2014
Aggressive Inline"Surprisingly challenging, yet accessible and most of all it's fun"piltdown_man (62987)Apr 11, 2014