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Game TitleOne Linersorted in ascending orderReviewerReview Date
Batman Returns"Pretty cool back in the days."1NDecent (5)Nov 10, 2014
Shadowrun: Dragonfall"Shadowrun return. This time for real!"Alex Z (1055)Nov 22, 2014
Conquest of Elysium 3"Simple, yet addictive"Alex Z (1055)Nov 14, 2014
Aliens: Colonial Marines"A Game Based on the movie!"Damian Armstrong (5)Nov 14, 2014
Sonic the Hedgehog"The 1st time I played Sonic"Damian Armstrong (5)Nov 10, 2014
Time Bandit"Killer smurfs, squelching. So good it went 16 bit. "drmarkb (11)Nov 08, 2014
Lunar Rover Patrol"If you love Moon Patrol, this was the best 6809 version."drmarkb (11)Nov 08, 2014
Urban Trial Freestyle"An entertaining trial game"Gilles Tual (3)Nov 12, 2014
Shining the Holy Ark"You’re in for some dungeon-crawler RPG goodness."りき hydao (15031)Nov 17, 2014
Silent Hill 2"Terrifying visuals, eerie sounds and sexual depravity – you’re in for a treat."りき hydao (15031)Nov 17, 2014
Silent Hill"The true meaning of survival horror – what Resident Evil wished it could have been."りき hydao (15031)Nov 17, 2014
Rayman"More colours than your eye can register."りき hydao (15031)Nov 25, 2014
Tales of Phantasia"The first Tales Of is fun... "Mentifisto (24)Nov 06, 2014
Max Payne"Max Payne is still a great game on the PS2, but technical issues creates some setbacks."StickFigures (61)Nov 15, 2014
Max Payne"Max Payne on the Xbox turns out to be well done with only a few hitches."StickFigures (61)Nov 12, 2014
DOOM"This is very much the best console port of Doom."StickFigures (61)Nov 11, 2014
Splatterhouse"Old school heavy metal bloodshed!"Stijn Daneels (36)Nov 07, 2014
Shank"An ultra-violent, grindhouse style cartoon!"Stijn Daneels (36)Nov 23, 2014
BioShock Infinite"An ambition that went too far"Victor Joseph (7)Nov 10, 2014
Backyard Skateboarding"Tries to go out of the regular style of Backyard Sports, but with a very bad payoff."Zac757 (4)Nov 23, 2014