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Planet Alcatraz"Great idea, passable execution, slightly hampered by translation."Anh Ngo Hai (2209)Oct 03, 2014
The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age"Love it!!!"Lisa Buckle (2)Oct 03, 2014
Shock Trooper"At last - a game that uses the machine's capabilities fully."drmarkb (6)Oct 04, 2014
Medal of Honor: Frontline"A decent FPS on the PS2, but could've ironed out some issues."StickFigures (55)Oct 05, 2014
Ittle Dew"More clues would have been appreciated, but other than that it's a fine heart-collecting experience."Pagen HD (85)Oct 07, 2014
Actua Soccer Club Edition"Quirky and buggy..."Quackbal (48)Oct 07, 2014
Cockpit Manager '14"Best F1 management game! AND updated!"Mike Tomaguchi (4)Oct 09, 2014
Championship Manager 3"The father of management games!"Mike Tomaguchi (4)Oct 09, 2014
Airball"Best graphics the Dragon ever saw. Shame it is so hard!"drmarkb (6)Oct 09, 2014
Leatherneck"Good for a few minutes, but..."*Katakis* (37818)Oct 10, 2014
Poker Masters"Pretty average fare"piltdown_man (72902)Oct 11, 2014
The Playroom"A fun board game and lots of useless stuff"Nowhere Girl (1517)Oct 12, 2014
Cockpit Manager '14"Simple, but fun Formula 1 manager."vitor mendes (19)Oct 13, 2014
The Secret of Monkey Island"Guybrush goes to the "Next Level"."tom Jefferson (23)Oct 14, 2014
The Adventures of Willy Beamish"They named the frog Horny"tom Jefferson (23)Oct 15, 2014
Skullgirls"A heart-warming game about a Skull-heart and some awesome ladies."Kyle Levesque (531)Oct 16, 2014
Transylvania"Someone Just Gave You A Bronx Cheer!"tom Jefferson (23)Oct 17, 2014
Final Fight"Manages to be both better and worse then the other 16bit ports of the game"tom Jefferson (23)Oct 17, 2014
Silpheed"3...2...1.....Blast Off!"tom Jefferson (23)Oct 17, 2014
Maze Runner"Challenging from the get-go"*Katakis* (37818)Oct 22, 2014