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Best Games by Critic Score

# Game Critic Score
1st Earthworm Jim: Special Edition 93
2nd NHL '94 89
3rd Sonic CD 88
4th Mickey Mania 87
4th Lunar: Eternal Blue 87
4th Robo Aleste 87
7th Snatcher 86
8th Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure 85
9th Ecco the Dolphin 84
9th AH-3 Thunderstrike 84
9th Dark Wizard 84
9th Lunar: The Silver Star 84
13th Flashback: The Quest for Identity 83
13th Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side 83
13th Shining Force CD 83
16th Popful Mail 82
16th Final Fight 82
16th Ecco: The Tides of Time 82
19th Silpheed 81
19th NBA Jam 81