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About myself:Hi There,

I'm Barry, but most of my mates call me Fitzy. I come from Australia, home of the Kangaroos, Koalas, and bad "down under" jokes, I'm an avid gamer, PC hobbyist/enthusiast, but I hate lots of nerdy junk, like tabletop games, trading cards, DnD.

I do however like games with a fantasy setting, like Warcraft series, and the LoTR, I'm a big fan of RTS, and tactical games, FPS games, Racing, and pretty much every genre there is, except maybe gambling games.

I like old games, but I also like to breathe new life into them, by adding some anti-aliasing, and AF, although thats probably because jaggies don't look too nice on a 30" display.

Well thats about all from me, Fitzy, coming to anti-jaggie an old game near you!!!.