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About myself:I am 26 years old (2007), and I have been playing video and computer games for as long as I can remember. From the old Apple computer of the 80's, to the SNES, IBM 286, and Sega Genesis of the 90's, to the PC (Intel Pentium 4+), and Playstation 2 of the 2000's. To be honest, my thirst for gaming did not really take off until I discovered gaming EMULATION (PC) a few years ago, thanks to the internet. I now play all sorts of games, but my real calling card is playing Fantasy-Adventure games (Role-playing games), like the Final Fantasies, Breath of Fires, Chrono Triggers, and any RPG-hybrid type of games. I ain't nuts though, I always will have time for real life, but gaming will always be my passion.