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About myself:Mateo Coletti has been intricately involved in the pro audio world for over thirteen years throughout the United States and Mexico. He has established his reputation as an engineer, with a vast ability to work creatively and efficiently throughout every element of the audio industry. Mateo has worked on everything from film and TV broadcast, marketing commercial production, and political campaigning to music production, scoring and arranging, composing, video game audio design, live sound and touring, Foley, ADR, ISDN and everything in the middle. After graduating from Full Sail with a degree in Recording Arts and becoming one of less than 500 in the world to achieve “Expert Certification” in Pro Tools, he took his talent out into the market to create a new level of expertise in the industry. Some of his clients include: Brittney Spears, 50 Cent, Fall Out Boy, 311, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, ABC, NBC, WB, FOX, The Today Show, Primetime Monday, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, American Eagle, Listerine, Starbucks, Carlos Santana, Scott McLean, the Da Vinci Code, XBOX, Play Station, Nintendo, Sony Music, Emanon Records, Arista Records, Disney, EA Sports, Cartoon Network, HBO, Sundance Film Festival, Opera Winfrey, ATARI, CRAVE, Paramount Pictures, and Skywalker Ranch.

Producer ~ Mateo (8) is also listed as a game developer.