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About myself:I've been making games for some time, getting my start at Origin Systems, Inc. in 1992. The first day I went to work was the day that Electronic Arts bought Origin. That was an amazing first day! At Origin, I first worked on SNES titles (Black Gate, Savage Empire, Wing Commander II), then went to EAUK and helped complete the first EA Sports Rugby on Sega Genesis (I was there for three months). Finally, I came back to Origin to work on a few things including a stint as lead designer on Wing Commander Prophecy. Origin was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Good people doing some amazing things. It also allowed me to get a chance to see what the internal workings of EA were like. I am impressed by them to this day.

After Origin, I got a job as a producer at a startup that lasted for a few years. The game we were working on was groundbreaking (Crimson Order) and was getting great press (it was playable), but the company shut down unexpectedly before we had a chance to get far into production. Bummer, but that's how it goes!

Then I landed at a company that needed a producer to complete a next-gen title for PS2 and GC. I took that role and got to meet a lot of great people while working on SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman as an external developer for THQ.

With two partners, I started a development studio and outsource company called Critical Mass Interactive in early 2003. We provided games for the United States Air Force and many others, we provided mercenary service on hundreds of games, from art, programming, game design, production management, you name it.

In January of 2010, I co-founded Sneaky Games in Austin, TX. Check out for all the news that is news!

I'’m almost always at some game conference or another, either meeting with clients, making new friends or even speaking. It seems to me that you should pay something back to the industry if it treats you well.

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