Steely Gaze

Currently Have

  • IBM PC / Compatible -- My main gaming rig. Has an Intel Quad Core, an Nvidia 8800GTX, and Windows XP.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- My newest system. A laptop I'm using for writing and occasional gaming.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- An older XP system I got around '01. It's weak by current gaming standards but it lasted me almost five years.
  • IBM PC / Compatible -- Windows 95 system. I only use this for real oldies I can't get going with the DOSBox.
  • Sony PlayStation -- My newest console. Given to me as a gift.
  • Nintendo SNES -- One of my favorite consoles of all time. Still used occasionally.
  • Sega Genesis -- The best console I currently own. Has always worked perfectly for me and has plenty of classic games.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -- One of my earliest consoles. A real gem that is quite tempermental nowadays.
  • Atari 2600 -- My first console, originally my mother's. Played to the point of no return and yet still works.

Used to Have

  • IBM PC / Compatible -- An old 486 system I had way back in the day. I used it to play classic games until the day it's battery croaked.