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About myself:Since 1996 Mark Estdale has been voice and casting director at Outsource Media (OM) - - Mark's histoy includes movie, TV, stage and record production. The OM team specialise in voice production for games UK, US and mainland Europe.

Out of the 19 award categories for the BAFTA Games Awards 2004, Mark and the OM team have contributed to games nominated in 9 different categories!

Mark's production expertise is used by: Electronic Arts, Sony, Vivendi Universal, SCI, THQ, Acclaim, Wanadoo, JoWood, Ascaron, Infogrames, Sony Pictures, Zoo Digital, Team 17, Rebellion, Revolution, Codemasters, TDK, Surreal, Digimask, Juice, Mobius, Gusto Games, Pivotal Games, Blitz, Free Radical Design...

Titles include: Broken Sword, The sleeping Dragon, Timesplitters 2, Formula One 2003, Conflict Desert Storm I & 2, Wipeout Fusion, The Great Escape, Combat Elite, Galleon, X Beyond the Frontier, Drakan II, I War 2, Ballerburg, Cultures, Fuzion Frenzy, Juiced, Patrician, Worms Blast, Destruction Derby Arenas, The Smurfs, Need For Speed, Stuart Little 2, Asterix and the Gallic War, The Land Before Time, Maisy Mouse - Happy Birthday Maisy, XG III Extreme Racing...

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