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Currently Have

  • Nintendo 64 -- 64-Bit console with some good games, ugly graphically.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance -- Flexible handheld with limited but impressive 3D functionality.
  • Sony PlayStation 2 -- Plagued by lack lustre games, only a few are worth playing. Good survival horror titles.
  • Nintendo GameCube -- First party games are alright, aimed at children mostly. I liked Metroid Prime.
  • Nintendo SNES -- A few good games but nothing to really faint about. Most ports were better on the Genesis.
  • Sega Dreamcast -- My favourite console, uses proprietary GD-ROM format. Shenmue is a reason to own it.
  • Sega Genesis -- Sega's most successful console, 16-Bit, Cartridge based.
  • Sega Master System -- Sega's 8-Bit entry, Game Gear based on same hardware.
  • Microsoft Xbox -- Powerful 128-Bit console, my favourite of the generation.
  • Sony PlayStation -- Classic Sony console, spanked Nintendo in the 90's.
  • Apple Power Mac -- I only ever played one game on my Macintosh, it's gathering dust now.
  • Atari Jaguar -- Bah, shocking controller design and lacklustre games. Alien Vs. Predator is bareable.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- 360 Bit powerhouse, kicks the crap out of the Playstation 3 everytime.
  • NEC TurboGrafx-16 -- Not as popular as the Genesis but who can go past Neutopia and Legendary Axe?.
  • Nintendo DS -- I'm still waiting on Dementium, in the mean time I'll busy myself with Drawn to Life.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -- Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon what more could a little boy want?.
  • Nintendo Game Boy -- I used to play Super Mario Land and Tetris on this when I was 5, ah memories.
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color -- Alone in the Dark on the GBC has to bee seen to be believed. I like this handheld.
  • Sega 32X -- Metal Head and Knuckles Chaotix were decent, it had some promise.
  • Sega CD -- There's only two reasons to own this: 1) FMV games 2) Popful Mail.
  • Sega Game Gear -- More or less just a hand held Master System.
  • Sega Nomad -- Might as well just own a Mega Mini.
  • Sega Saturn -- Didn't fare as well as the Playstation but damn it had some good games.
  • SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color -- Has some really strong titles; Beast Buster, Sonic Pocket Adventure. I reccomend.