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Location:Charleroi, Belgium Belgium flag
About myself:Belgian FPS Fangirl coming from Charleroi, in the French-speaking part of the country

Real name: Vinciane Amorini (not Cleo, that's my dog ;)).

Is vicrabb on Neoseeker

Is arkena on Gamefaqs

Is spyke_martin on

Age: born in 1983 (29th March)

Gender: Female

Occupation: Searching a job but I've got my degree in archaeology and cultural management and in sciences and technology of the information and communication

English skills: good but sometimes, it's difficult to find some words when you're playing a game in your language :).

Writes: reviews in French first and then in English. Sometimes, I edit my English review for meeting requirements on a site, like here. Being sometimes lazy, I make a copy/past of some parts of the first English reviews I've written. If you find reviews on neoseeker, gamefaqs or under the pseudos named above with some similarities with the one here, don't accuse me of plagiarism. I write also since this year FAQS/Walkthrough in French and being sometimes a lazy person, I just take the text from my website. I love fanfics but I don't really like to publish them on some frequented websites.

VG Fan since: I've beginning to play with NES, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and most of all, Legend of Zelda. I've had a GameBoy. Then I switched to PC with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. But the real passion for FPS began when I was 12-13 with Doom II, Heretic and Rise of the Triads. And guess why I've been receptive to Age of Empires? Because of a certain Sid Meier's Colonization.

Since then, I've bought a GBA (mainly for Zelda, F-Zero or Tetris, series from my childhood), a Nintendo DS and a PSP. Well, that kind of platforms isn't for playing FPS but others genres.

Special facts: Has been promoted in December 2008 as admin on two TF2 achievements servers - some days after, I've got accepted as part of Neoseeker CRS Staff: approver for user reviews, resources, box scans, profiles infos (except for alternate title - So I approve profile description, gameplay, release date, perspectives, thems, developers, publishers, players, product urls, features, hardware). Soon to have extend rights on series. Is also known on Neoseeker for reaching the top three in a few months but not to be active on forums.

November 2009: Has won her Facebook addiction - you should see me back in a couple of weeks.