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About myself:Also known like kexik, kex1k and kiminari. Born in Trinec, Czech Republic in the 1989. He started programming in Visual Basic at the primary school in the age of 11. His first projects was mainly smaller utilities and instant messenger on http protocol called Telefant. He also made music player [email protected] based on FMOD library. At the grammar school he met Vit "YZA" Haratek, started learning C/C++ and began interested in game development.

His first work with 3D graphics was using TrueVision3D engine. For some time he studied Quake II source code and did some modifications. Then he started development of his first engine which was able to load Quake III maps and game development began.

With some friends, among other, Jan "RAT" Rodek (level design) he estabilished team 7thSquad which was later renamed to Reversity Studios which exists up to now.

Work experience: 2004 - Now: Reversity Studios - Programmer - Panther3D[2] Engine 2009 - Now: Jollypop - Programmer - iPhone games 2009: Homegrown Games - Renderer and shader programming - Painkiller: Resurrection

Tools and technology used: C/C++ (Visual Studio, Code::Blocks) Objective-C++ (XCode) C# - basic features DirectX, OpenGL, GLSL, HLSL, Cg Multi-platform programming Unicode and utf-8 Cocoa and .NET experience PHP/HTML/XML/AJAX jQuery web technologies SOAP - PHP + C# experience SQL and databases (MySQL, SQLite)

Non-computer work: Electronic constructions - amplifier, tuner driver, ... Some manual work at saw mill and refractory materials producer Refrasil. Work on heights - staging for construction company

Languages: Czech - mother lang. English Russian

Schools: IV. Primary School - Trinec, Czech Rep. Grammar School Komenskeho - Trinec, Czech Rep. Masaryk University - Faculty of informatics, Brno, Czech Rep.

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