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About myself:I am currently working for a large, world-renowned, gaming company in France near Paris, keeping a vast online game running smoothly. I am enjoying a fruitful and exciting career in the computer games industry.

I recently moved back from working at the Japanese games company, Now Production, working on a multi-platform console game (Gamecube, PS2, X-box) featuring a popularly known game character. The game has already been released globally and received general worldwide approval.

Going back further to what surely must be nearer Biblical times, I finished my university course. That must have been almost five years ago now, and there I studied Computer Games Technology and later gained a first class honours degree. I then spent the year after university working as an intern at the Japanese telecommunications company, NTT, working on speech recognition systems research and learning the Japanese language (a few courses of which I took at university to get me ready).

I was born and raised in Scotland, and though I may be far from home now, I was still raised in a country renowned for its ability to produce unique and groundbreaking games. In this way, I hope to take my new ideas and vivid imagination anywhere I go, and hope to achieve much in the future.

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