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About myself:After writing game reviews for several homepages I got bored with playing the same games again and again. 2001 I started to teach myself how to create computer games. After all these years as an avid autodidact I became quite proficient in game development.

Blumenmacht is the first game I developed from ground up and most importantly finally finished in 2007. It's an innovative and fun game, if you take the time to learn its unique gameplay mechanics.

At the moment I'm working on the first version of my iLiNX game engine. Although very basic, it will provide everything for the creation of a fascinating 3D game world.

The core feature of iLiNX is the fast orbital movement of the player around a planet and his interaction with the planet and the entities on it or in it's orbit. Rapid day and night changes will play an important role in iLiNX based games.

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