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About myself:Hello everyone :) I'm an old school adventure gamer and an avid pc adventure game collector. I have been playing adventure games .... well if you really want to go back to the choose your own adventure books, lol ;)... anyways I started playing adventures on my state of the art Commodore Vic-20 with that smoking fast Cassette Drive ;) I started out with Scott Adams text interactive fiction adventure games and I've never stopped since.

My collection has grown to close to 200 adventure games and growing by about 5-30 per week now so I'll be making plenty of contributions to this site.

If anyone is interested in trading I am a GTZ user under Sylven and I do trade internationally.

Check out my first review written for this site! I reviewed Chewy ESC from F5 what a great game!!!!

Jason D. Blevins aka Sylven aka The Adventurer