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About myself:I am a big Nintendo fan, so I recently started collecting older games. I really love them, so they are a big part of my life. This is the reason I came here.

Actually it was because I was making a movie of my collection and I was using pictures from here for the cover arts in my movie. I decided I might as well join and contribute what little I can in return.

I am a big fan of Pikachu, which is why my nickname is Pikachufanboy. It is also why I have those special edition systems (N64, Game Boy, DS Lite).

As far as what I can do here, it isn't much. Any game I get I can scan the media of it with my 4-in-1 printer; if it is a newer game I can scan the cover art too. I can sort of add games, but it takes me a while to make the descriptions and I don't really know the publishers/developers without looking them up on another website. I rate the games too.

I am running into problems now. Nearly all old games I buy have stickers over the labels. This means I cannot use a photo of the ones that won't come off easily.