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I'm a bit of a cynic, but I am very in to platform gaming. My first gaming experiences came on my Atari 2600 with games like Combat, Phoenix, and Choplifter. After that, I graduated to the world of the 8 bit, 16 color greyscale of the original Game Boy. I STILL have games like Mega Man: in Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man II, Mega Man IV, (are you starting to see a trend here?). I have the Final Fantasy Adventure (which was originaly meant to be a spin-off to the Secret of Mana series as well as the Final Fantasy I, II, & III.

Many years after my game boy was old, I upgraded again to the not very well known Sega CDX, which seems that very few people seem to know about.

Since then, I have owned an N64, Dreamcast, a Playstation (none of which I still have), PS One, and a Playstation 2.

I tend to like RPG's most, but thats only because there are so very few "pure" action games out there. I'm dying for the re-release of the Streets of Rage series.