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About myself:Hey! My name is Kadath. I was born in Birmingham, but I live in Utah and I've spent a majority of my life there. I hope to leave some day, it's a pretty hellish place. I have a lovely wife named Chie who is from Japan. She's an artist and I'm a movie fanatic, and I'm currently working on making an adaptation of an old horror story I wrote. I've always had a fondness for Journalism and video games, so back in the mid 90's I reviewed games for my High School newsletter. In College, I was one of the founders of an underground gaming magazine called "Nerdgasm" that gathered a cult audience. I continued to review games for it, although I also ran a debate column for movie freaks. Nerdgasm ran from 1996 to 2004. The last review I wrote for it was Doom 3. It ended mostly because I was out of college, and they had started an "official" gaming/movie mag, and an attempt to bring Nerdgasm into the mainstream failed pretty miserably. I'm here to continue writing reviews and share nostalgic memories of my favourite old school PC games. I mostly stick with first person shooters and strategy games, but I like a few horror titles, such as Silent Hill, and the occasional RPG such as Fallout.