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About myself:I originally obtained a BEng in Software Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, before travelling up to Dundee to earn an MSc in Computer Games Technology.

Having successfully completed the course in summer 2005, I embarked upon the Dare to be Digital games competition as part of The Frozen North team. We won the ‘Product with Greatest Market Potential’ award for ‘Primary Steps’, a spelling game which cunningly used a dancemat interface to convince little kids that they weren’t actually learning anything. We also went on to win a BAFTA Scottish Students on Screen award for the prototype game, which has since been commercially developed, and is now in hundreds of classrooms across Scotland.

After returning home to Edinburgh, I started working for real at Outerlight, where we independently released our first game, ‘The Ship’, in summer 2006. We then began work on a pseudo-sequel to ‘The Ship’ for a large publisher, which will hopefully see the light of day sometime in 2009.

In May 2009 I moved to Dundee, where I'm now working as a Gameplay/AI Engineer at Ruffian Games.

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