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About myself:My name is Teresa Lee. I live very happily with my husband, this cool guy.

I am a jazz singer, composer, and lyricist; I can also play electric organ and work with MIDI music. I am the leader of the band YID YANG, which plays original music in Jewish-jazz style with Chinese lyrics.

My home city is Harbin, in North-East China. I am Catholic. I love Israel, it's a wonderful country and the homeland of both Jesus and my husband.

One of my favorite books is Germinal by Emile Zola. I also love children's books such as Karlsson on the Roof by Astrid Lindgren, The Blue Arrow by Gianni Rodari, and Ludvig The 14th by the Swedish author Jan Ekholm.

My favorite movies are Groundhog Day, Toy Story series (actually, everything made by Pixar!) and Shrek series. I also love Lord of the Rings. My favorite TV shows are Buffy and Angel.

Of course, I also like video games. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, right? :)

Actually, my husband influenced me. Before I never took games so seriously. I thought only silly little boys would be interested. But now I think silly little girls can also be interested...

Thank you for reading! Hope it wasn't too boring!