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About myself:In 2004 I obtained my bachelor's degree in Communication studies, specializing in film. during my studies and right after, I started working freelance as a cameraman for private and public events. At the same time, I was also modeling for an agency and starred in a few commercials and Broadway musicals. Then in 2006 I decided to expand my horizons and completed a diploma in 3d animation from the Ubisoft Campus. since then, I work at Ubisoft as a 3d animator with a specialization in 3d cameras. My daily job consists of creating cinematic sequences and framing the shots for the numerous scripted events in the games. I animate the camera in a 3d world just like a real cameraman would. In my free time, I do some character animation and animation systems integration. My past times include movie watching, singing, playing video games, doing sports and aviation.

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