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About myself:Started in the Video Game Industry in 1993 as Technical Support Manager at Accolade. Worked my way up to Producer and was Producer/Designer on Test Drive 4, Test Drive 5 and Test Drive 6. Started the TransWorld brand at Infogrames/Atari after Accolade was bought by Infogrames/Atari. I was with Accolade/Infogrames for eight years.

After Infogrames moved to Santa Monica, I took on the roll of Executive Producer for a small UK developer, DarkBlack where I worked on a few titles before we committed suicide by boarding the good ship Acclaim. Was Producer at Empire Interactive where I oversaw the US launches of Big Mutha Truckers, Ghost Master and Starsky & Hutch. After Empire, signed on as Senior Producer at Tapwave where I helped launch Madden 2005 and MTX Mototrax. I also worked as Release Engineer for all titles and helped in the writing of game manuals.

After Tapwave, I signed on as Producer at InfoSpace. At InfoSpace I oversaw the production of Water Balloon Drop, Frogger For Prizes, Skeeball For Prizes and started the development of Take Yer Meds for Prizes. I built the art staff from the ground up in the San Mateo studio and was acting Art Director. I also oversaw the creation of InfoSpace Mobiles viral marketing programs, Tell-a-Friend and Frequent Player Points.

After a short stint at a Limelife, I became senior producer at TikGames, LLC. At TikGames I designed and produced a few mobile titles, most notably Disney's Pooh's Hunny Trouble and four casual PC titles:

* Merriam-Webster Spell-Jam * Flower Stand Tycoon * Cinema Tycoon 2 * County Fair

On these titles I was the lead designer, producer and writer. I also designed a game based on the TV show Amazing Race that never saw fruition due to contract disputes.

After TikGames, I became Senior Producer and Head of Production at Namco Networks. Here I built up the internal studio. I also found, vetted and managed external developers from all over the world. Notable titles worked on while at Namco were Puzzle Quest 2, Antiques Roadshow, Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower and Knightfall: Death and Taxes.

I am now the Director of Game Production at Tencent America.

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