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About myself:I enjoyed a ten-year gig in the game development industry from 1995, when I joined Richard Garriott's team at Origin Systems to work on Ultima IX: Ascension, through 2006, after yet another layoff from a failing company - this time, the uber-fraudulent joke that was Gizmondo. I had been shooting short films on the side and, after deciding I was done with having my future controlled by the ineptitude or downright criminality of others, updated my "director of photography" demo reel and went full-time freelance in the much more stable and honest film production industry. ;-)

I've been working steadily and as of mid-2009 completed my 10th feature film - five as D.P. and three as Gaffer.

If you wish to find me now, look on set.

Or visit my site at http://michael-morlan.net



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