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About myself:I'm interested more in the preserving and documentation side than on playing nowadays, and now that I don't have much to do I come to MG to share some, besides getting lots of wanted info of course.

I started with a PC with CGA in the eighties, and anything after 1995 is 'too new' already, but while I'm a retrogamer, I have nothing against modern gaming if the game is good, of course.. I don't play much anymore but I have that collector gen.

I also have a soft spot for Links, the golf game, having lots of information about all its versions, playable courses, and of course many original boxes and discs. However my oldies collection is not as big as it was.

Some of my favs include X-Wing, Quake and Doom, lots of the classic LucasArts adventures, anything Tetris-like (although I can't play as much hardcore as I could back in the day, Heboris included), Lemmings, NFS: Most Wanted, Dune II, El-Fish, The Dark Heart Of Uukrul (which strangely I've never finished despite the amount of hours I spent on it, always somehow stopping at the beacon), and many more of so many genres and decades.

I'm available for anything if you're polite and not too cheeky.