Currently Have

  • IBM PC / Compatible -- Gaming rig, I build them and they grow old. Circle of life, technology edition. :)
  • Nintendo Wii -- Fun, silly, and great for when you have friends over or want to play with your SO!
  • Cell Phone -- Samsung S5, I use it for the pile of Humble Mobile Bundle games I have now.
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- Lost the SW one in he divorce, got this one to use the games I kept.

Used to Have

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 -- Star Wars Edition, because Star Wars! It looks and beeps like R2!
  • Atari 2600 -- Picked up three, a six switch, a four switch, and the second edition small black.
  • Atari 8-bit -- Atari 400, my first computer. Traded it out for a ZX-81 in an aftermarket keyboard case. I was a moron. :)
  • Commodore 64 -- The machine that made me a gamer for life, played tons of games on a little B/W television in my room.
  • Commodore Amiga -- I miss my Amiga, it was so fun and had the prettiest games. :)
  • Microsoft Xbox -- The old workhorse never died, put it out to pasture at a trading site.