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About myself:I first started gaming with a Pong 20n1 system. Then spent a lot of time playing the great 2600 games. Then we finaly got an NES about that time the school had Apple //es So I grew up with old games and still love them to this day.

I have two computers:

This one: AMD 2500+ 1GB PC 2700 RAM ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe 160GB Samsung Drive 75GB IMB Deskstar ATI 9600XT 128 Plextor 12/10/32 Burner Plextor 8x DVD+/-R Burner Windows XP Logitech MX 500 MS Natural KB Elite

Other Computer: P166 with a great BIOS that lets me slow it down to just about any speed I need. 32MB Ram 16GB HD Trident video card SB AWE64 Roland LAPC-1 (MT32 on a card) 24X CDROM Dual Boot using Partition Magic: PC DOS 2000 Windows 98SE (stripped down) Keytronic Lifetime OptoMechanical mouse MS Natural KB Elite

They share a Samsung Synchmaster 900P