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About myself:My real name is Nicholas Kalata, and I am of Greek and European descent. I was born in Seattle, Washington on June 8, 1994. I share the same exact birthday as Yu Yangyi. Ever since I was a small child, I have always been fascinated with music. I got into video game music a little later in my life.

I had started composing music at age 15. My first music program was AdLib Visual Composer. I had talked to Frank Klepacki who told me he used the program for his MS-DOS music (particularly Eye of the Beholder II). I just downloaded the program to look at it but then decided to try and compose a song and to my surprise I was successful.

I play several instruments. Pretty much anything with strings or keys. I can't play any brass or woodwinds.

I am also the bassist in the band Waking Maya, and we are almost ready to release our debut CD.

In addition, I am doing the music to a game that is soon to be released on Steam; Drift(Over)Drive.