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About myself:Joe started playing games on the Atari and Nintendo Game Systems. He attended The Art Institute of California San Diego Campus, and received a B.S. in Video Game Art & Design in fall of 2005. There has been a passion inside Joe since birth, that was to "Create" great art. Many of his early years were spend rendering pen and ink drawings of comic books, and punk bands. His favorite comics were Spawn and The Maxx. His biggest influences in music were the Misfits, Samhain and Danzig. They inspired him to create many great drawings themed on the dark side. Joe started his career working for New Port Beach based developer The Collective Studios. His first project was Dirty Harry and Silent Hill Homecoming, he quickly climbed the ranks to Environment Artist. He contributed level art work and in addition to lighting he created weapons for this third person shooter game. His next relocation was to Obsidian Entertainment to work on an Aliens RPG game. He had to ramp up quick on the sci-fi art style, and quickly learned Soft Image XSI. This is now his preferred CG rendering package. After a short while he made the move to Los Angeles and joined the world famous Call of Duty 4 Team at Infinity Ward. While there he created props and textures, most notably the Riot Shield and controversial Blow Up Doll. After an early departure from Southern California he found himself at Rockstar Boston. The east coast was a little bit cold for his tastes and he headed back to warm San Diego. Before his bags were unpacked Joe was already being looked at by Call of Duty Black Ops developer Treyarch. He started as a prop and texture artist, and quickly was moved onto designing the destructible assets. Anything that breaks apart, or goes boom, chances are he had a hand in it. He has given back to students by creating training videos in Maya and Photoshop for The Gnomon School of Visual Effects, in Hollywood. Joe has written and created tutorials for Autodesk Media and Entertainment for College Level students. He frequently gives speeches on video game creation, and mentors students that catch his eye. He is a detail oriented person that does not settle for second best. Joe is on the road to success and continues to push the bar of Video Game Production.

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