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About myself:I started by working agency side for PlayStation, at the now defunct experiential marketing and events agency Making Waves, before moving to neon communications to work on the Xbox Third Party account as well as other clients including Disney, Sega, THQ, Codemasters and others. Between the two agencies, I had a spell sitting in a dark room eating crisps and drinking endless amounts of coke with 6 guys, testing at TT Games on Lego Star Wars 2 at Tom Stones awesome house in Burnham.

Having organised umpteen press & PR events within Europe for Codies / Disney (Dirt 2, Dirt 3, Epic Mickey, Caspian, G Force, Split Second, Street Fighter UK and European finals 2010) and working on launches including the epic Halo 3, Drawn2Life, Dead Rising 2, I took position as Bethesda Softworks European Events Manager in May of 2011 and is loving every minute of it. come see me at the next event you go to (I'll be the one running round like mad trying to make sure everything's running ok) or you can follow me on Twitter @thewelshswanny. Cheers!