What is your position on crowd funded games? (e.g., Kickstarter, Early Access on Steam)

りき hydao

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About myself:.

"The truth — If you put something on the public web, it belongs to everybody. Scanning and uploading the hard work of other artists is an act of PIRACY, and you must approach it as such. Do it to spread your idea of beauty, not for recognition or respect. You don’t need my permission, but in case you wanted to know, you can use any of my scans however you want."







I don't live in Macau but I was born and lived in there for almost 17 years.

I'm half-Japanese, half-Portuguese. I speak fluent Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese (Cantonese, not Mandarin). My English, Spanish, French and Italian are OK, I guess.

Currently I live and work in Tokyo, Japan. I work for ATLUS (Sega Sammy Holdings).

I often travel to Portugal (about 4 or 5 times a year) mainly because my dear parents live (t)here (actually I'm typing this sentence from Lisbon, a beautiful city).


My first console was the NES (Hong Kong version)/Family Computer. Then I also had two "shitty" Game & Watches (Mario Bros. and Boxing)... and the Game Boy handheld. However my "most special" system is definitely the Super Famicom... followed by the PS1.

Super Famicom (and Game Doctor SFIII) changed my life... forever.

A childhood friend of mine used to have ALL the systems (3DO, Neo Geo, PC Engine, etc) so I had the privilege to grow up with these systems as well.

I used to go a lot to the Arcades. Shooting games (The House of the Dead for example) were not my strong point, but at racing and soccer games... I was the greatest. Good times.

In 1999... I was TOTALLY OBSESSED with the PC game EverQuest, and huh, that was not healthy at all.

I was a hardcore gamer until age 17~18, then I stopped caring about gaming in general. I still loved and played all those games that everyone plays (like Metal Gear, Winning Eleven, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill... you know what I mean). Meanwhile after 10~11 year hiatus (in 2010) I started being a hardcore gamer again. \o/

In 2011... I bought the X68000 computer. It didn't change my life but Sharp X68000 is... freaking awesome.

As for MobyGames: for 2014, I had plans to greatly improve this site (by adding thousands of scans, new game entries, credits, and stuff) but I realized it is not worth my time and effort. However I will still contribute whenever I feel like it.