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About myself:Iain has been in the games industry since 1994, when he joined small publisher 21st Century Entertainment as Customer Services operative and tester. Gradually proving himself he moved into production for 21st Century before leaving shortly in advance of that company's demise to join fledgling Bristol Developer - Wayward Design.

At Wayward he worked as a Designer / Researcher / Producer - a role that shifted towards Design and Research as the studio expanded. With the purchasing of Wayward by Rage Games, he shifted to a fulltime Design role, reflecting Rage's corporate focus away from historical simulations.

When Rage Games succumbed to the terrible culling of the British games industry, Iain moved to the Netherlands to join Dutch developer Guerrilla Games. Here he has remained for four years, working as a Designer on such projects as Shellshock and Killzone. Guerrilla Games has recently been purchase by the Sony Corporate group.