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About myself:I've been playing video games ever since Radio Shack had that classic console paddle tennis & hockey with skeet shooting(with that gun wired to the console). Then the Atari consoles with titles like Defender was out. I thought home entertainment could never be better than this! Then more impressive consoles like Nintendo & Super Nintendo were on the scene. Consoles are just getting better and better as the years go on. I then found out about Home PCs with their CD-ROM drives. I was impressed about the many uses of the computer. Actually, I have to confess I had a VIC-20 in the late '80s, but never had any real impressive games or programs. Though, omega race was my favourite game for that system. I'm still playing it occasionally on an emulator. In early 1995 I had my first real PC 80486, 4MB RAM, 320 MB HD Drive, etc. Actually, my first full retail version game I purchased Wing Commander 3 stated 8 MB RAM required. At the time I thought RAM could be acquired by software means, but it is hardware. I found out later. Anyways, I got the RAM a short time later. I'm a qualified PC Technician now, so I just found that funny. Ever since then I have picked up a good collection of PC games.

Currently Playing:(Really depends on the mood I'm in. Notice the somewhat old ones I'm still playing. I don't have the time to play & finish these games?){It taken me about 6 years to finish The Elder Scrolls I: Arena} In my spare time I play these games: Need For Speed IV [PC] Sports Car GT [PC] Daggerfall [PC] M.A.X [PC] X-Wing Alliance [PC] Fleet Defender Gold[PC]

Looking forward to: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [PC] Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 [PC] Doom 3 [PC] Comanche 4 [PC]