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About myself:I’m a department and project manager with 9 years of experience in the video game industry. My proficiency in management comes from years of practice in a multicultural environment, during which I have coordinated departments (R&D and QC), a wide variety of projects and cross-functional teams.

Being immersed in a multicultural environment has broaden my perspective and allowed me to better understand culture-specific behavior. Thus, I work best in uncharted territories where I can make use of my entire skill set and people can benefit from my ability to maintain a clear vision to follow, high degree of self-motivation, commitment to excellence and leadership capacity.

My personality in a nutshell: I see problems as opportunities and I pursue integrity, optimization, simplicity, fun and openness in everything I do.

On a personal level, I am an adept of continuous learning, enjoy wearing different hats and dabble in programming, graphic design and photography.

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