Fred Corchero

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About myself:Fred Corchero Jr - Game Designer

Games I have worked on... Night Trap(Test), Sewer Shark(Test), Pac-In-Time(Test+Story), Pac-Attack (Test), Pac-Man 2(Test), Tekken(US Marketing Support+Test), WeaponLord (Test+Design), Cybersled - Saturn (Design - KIA), Die By The Sword (Design - Script), Carmageddon (Line Producer), Hard War (Line Producer), Sand Warriors (Line Producer), Tempest 2000 - PC (Producer), Clayfighter 64 (Design+Script), Wild 9's (Line Producer), MDK (Line Producer), Tenth Degree (Design+Script - KIA), Savage Quest (Design+Script+Liason), Monsters (Design+Level Design+Script - KIA), Indiana Jones and the Emporers Tomb (Design+Script).

Companies I have worked withÂ… Digital Pictures, Namco, Interplay, Shiny, Atari, Interactive Light, Angel Studios, 3DO, Lucas Arts, The Collective.

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