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About myself:Humble beginnings (1994+):
Avid Nintendo enthousiast ever since I bought my first system (SNES Super Mario World Set) back in January 1994. Slowly progressing through the ranks of Nintendo's newer generation of consoles, and adding the portable consoles along the way, up till the Wii U & 3DS (Skipping the headache called Virtual Boy).

2012 - late 2015:
Since 2012 when my interests became peeked by several Retro Game markets, where old games where selled by collector's & professional (website) shops alike, my collection exponentially grew with all the games my wallet could muster. Slowly it grew out of proportions, so I settled back, selling off unwantables and holding onto the ones i really intended to keep.

Late 2015 and beyond:
Special editions, collector editions. Indie games. All the new stuff that is a bit out of the extraordinary.

Console/Handheld milestones:
  • 01-15-1994: SNES Super Mario World Set (PAL)
  • 08-25-1995: Nintendo Game Boy Classic
  • 06-07-1997: Nintendo 64 Console (PAL)
  • 04-02-2001: Nintendo Game Boy Color
  • 05-03-2002: Nintendo Game Cube (PAL)
  • 11-22-2002: Nintendo Game Boy Advance [Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Bundle] (PAL)
  • 10-08-2007: Nintendo Wii [Wii Sports Bundle] (PAL)
  • 10-17-2009: Nintendo DS Lite [Onyx] (PAL)
  • 08-28-2012: Nintendo NES Control Deck (PAL)
  • 12-12-2012: SNES Control Set [NTSC]
  • 11-28-2013: Nintendo 3DS XL - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds [Limited Edition Bundle] (PAL)
  • 08-06-2014: Nintendo Wii U Console 32GB Premium (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Limited Edition) (PAL)
  • Q2 2017: Nintendo NX

Moby Highlights:
  • 12-15-2015: Hit the 5.000 mark & entered top 150
  • 05-10-2016: Hit the 10.000 mark & entered top 100
  • 06-03-2016: Hit the 15.000 mark.
  • 06-09-2016: Hit the 17.500 mark.
  • 06-16-2016: Entered top 50. (#50, 19.000+ points)).